LA Weight Loss Exposed

LA Weight Loss was a center-based weight loss program.

The potential client came in for a free assessment, got weighed, and had a program provided for them.

However, now with only a few centers left, the LA Weight Loss program has become a web-based solution.


LA Weight Loss Clinics

Even though LA Weight Loss Centers had been helping people lose weight (using a combination of meal plans, food supplements, weigh-ins, and counselor support), things have changed.

The LA Weight Loss franchise company closed down in Jan 2010, and their are just a few centers in North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Canada.

Many people lost large amounts of money because of these closures and their anger and frustration can be seen in the comments below.

Despite all this LA Weight Loss isn’t dead, but back under a new strategy.

LA Weight Loss Online

LA Weightloss is now promoting their online program and services called the Rapid Results System.

The diet plan is customized to include appropriate portions of Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Starches, Fats, Dairy and LA Lites.

LA Lites are soy-protein bars – which form a central part of the program. When purchased in bulk the cost of the bars is not insignificant.

Rapid Results Program

Basically LA Weight loss’s new plan consists of five parts.

  1. KickStart
  2. Rapid Resultst
  3. LA MyWay maintenance diet
  4. LA Lites
  5. LA SmartTrim Nutritionals supplements

When purchasing on-line, users receive the KickStart Plan, Rapid Results Plan, and once maintenance weight has been reached (or the client has lost 20 pounds) the LA MyWay maintenance plan.

The KickStart plan requires detoxing using their special juice, while the Rapid Results consists of eating 4 structured meals per day + 2 LA Lites Bars. The menu plans come with the program and are made up of normal grocery foods (although the use of their supplements is recommended).

Bottom Line?

Although the online version of LA Weightloss is probably a tad cheaper than the exorbitant price once charged at the centers, it will still run $289.99 a month for the complete system including online counseling if a customer signs up for automatic rebilling.

However, if a customer only wants to pay for one month they charge 419.99!

There certainly are cheaper, yet just as effective programs out there like Nutrisystem or Diet to Go, where all your meals are provided.