What is on the p90x nutrition plan p90x nutrition plan summary

The P90X Nutrition Plan is a 13-week program that is designed to assist dieters to lose weight and build muscle.

It is used in conjunction with the P90X Workout Program that includes intensive resistance training routines.

Recently P90X revamped their whole program and it’s now called P90X2.

The Three Phases

Any X’er will tell you, the P90X Nutrition Program is key to maximizing your results. Just as P90X isn’t a quick fix or miracle fad the nutrition plan is about choosing the foods you WANT to eat and determining the portions that’ll properly fuel you before, during and after ea


ch of your workouts.

Phase 1: Fat Shredder

Kicking off your P90X workout and diet program, the high-protein-based foods in this phase are designed to strip fat while strengthening your muscles.

Phase 2: Energy Booster

EB is a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates with a reduced amount of protein to maximize endurance and provide additional energy for performance (eg, during Plyometrics workouts!).

Phase 3: Endurance Maximizer

This phase kicks in near the tail end of the program and consists of complex carbs, lean proteins and reduced fat. Its focus is in maximizing the fuel available during the last few weeks of the system, helping you avoid plateaus and get chiseled and toned.

In all of the phases eating frequent small meals and drinking lots of water are emphasized.

Dieters have two options for each phase; either follow the meal plan or the portion plan. The meal plan includes sample menus with recipes.

With the portion plan, you are given a list of how many serves of each fo

od type you are allowed so you can devise your own meal plans.

Before you start the program you will need to calculate your recommended calorie intake, which is based on your activity level and resting metabolic rate.

How We’re Doing P90X on a Budget

When I’ve told people that I’m starting this program, often the first que

stion I get is: Isn’t that going to cost an arm and a leg? Well, it could, but I don’t think it necessarily has to.

The program is a little on the pricey side, but I was able to save up my Swagbucks and purchase it with Amazon gift cards I’ve earned. (I’ve heard you can snag copies on Craigslist or even from your library, if you’re looking to get a copy inexpensively.) So far, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with it.

My biggest challenge, aside from figuring out when I was going to fit a longer workout routine into my day (!), was determining how to pull off the nutritional program without breaking the bank. I really want to give this program 100% — which means I need to eat the P90X diet — but I also didn’t want to triple our grocery budget to do so!

After reading through all the nutritional material and doing further research online, I came up with a menu plan for the first thirty days (Phase 1) which follows the nutritional plan to a tee, but which I believe we can pull off without spending any more than $60 per week at the grocery store. Continuing our usual shopping of loss leaders, using coupons, getting most of our household and hygiene products for pennies on the dollar and shopping at Aldi will help to facilitate this.

What foods should I eat with my daily P90X Diet?

Below are 4 different daily food plans based on my calorie goals as I went through the program:

David’s 1900 Calorie P90X Diet
David’s 2100 Calorie P90X Diet
David’s 2400 Calorie P90X Diet
David’s 2300 Calorie P90X Diet with NO DAIRY*

Read through our P90X approved foods list with a lot of different foods to choose from.

Know which carbs to avoid and which carbs to eat – check out my list of simple and complex carbs.

We’ve also recorded a youtube video that shows healthy foods to buy from CostCo that are “P90X approved”.  Watch Kate’s P90X Foods from CostCo video.

What “Must Have” supplement should I use with P90X to lose fat in a healthy way?

Shakeology – The best way to transform your body is with Shakeology. This is the foundation of my nutrition plan and has really improved my overall health. I was skeptical of the price at first so I decided to try it out using the 30 day-money back guarantee. I’ve been on it every day since.  In fact, it’s now one of only 2 Beachbody supplements that I recommend. To me, it’s WORTH IT but you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

It’s basically a high quality meal replacement unlike anything else. It will help you lose that body fat and give you energy. Why? Because it contains 17g quality carbs, 18g quality protein and 70 of the healthiest nutrients in the world. It improves your digestive system, removes toxins, lowers cholesterol, helps you to lose fat and improve energy levels, hair, nails and skin. I have this every day for breakfast.

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  • Less expensive than a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer.
  • Does not require the purchase of expensive home exercise equipment.
  • High protein diet reduces appetite and promotes muscle recovery.
  • Includes recipes with nutritional information.
  • Online support has been shown to increase the likelihood of success.
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Many dieters experience fatigue in phase one due to the very low intake of carbohydrates.
  • Very restrictive and difficult to eat out.
  • Limits the intake of fresh fruits.
  • The high level of physical activity will not be suitable for all dieters.
  • Requires meal planning and preparation in advance.